The company ENGETIL has been actively involved in the incinerator sector for many years:
  • Incineration of domestic and industrial waste
  • Incineration of hospital waste and waste from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Treatment of sludge from wastewater treatment plants
  • Crematorium furnaces
  • Etc.

Incinerator industry references
  • IVAGO in Ghent
  • IVOO in Ostend
  • ICDI in Charleroi
  • INTRADEL in Herstal
  • Harelbeecke incinerator
  • Houthalen incinerator
  • Tiru Group:
· Saint-Ouen site
· Issy-les-Moulineaux site
· Ivry site
  • TREDI in Strasbourg
  • Uccles crematorium