Civil engineering

ENGETIL also puts its shotcreting experience to good use in the civil engineering field, mainly in:
  • The stabilisation of rocks, banks, embankments, etc.
  • Lining of concrete components of bridges and tunnels
  • Construction of artificial rocks and decorations for amusement parks
  • Construction of concrete slabs, floors and shear walls

  • Amusement park
    Amusement park
    Lining of slabs and walls
    in a storage building

    References in the civil engineering sector:
    • PARK PARADISIO: artificial rocks
    • WATER PARK in the UK: artificial rocks
    • AMIS DE MONTAIGLE: rock reinforcement
    • HONTOIR farm in Sommière: Resurfacing of farm enclosing walls by means of shotcreting.
    • SCAM in Seilles: lining of the slabs and walls of a storage building
    • Various reinforcing work on the columns and foundations for tunnels, bridges and aqueducts, etc.