In order to offer a complete service to its customers, ENGETIL has expanded its expertise in different types of products and different installation techniques.


Gunitage Shotcreting
Manual or automatic spraying of refractory materials using a wet or dry method. Operations carried out using our own equipment: Refragun® and Robotgun®.
Reinforcement of rocks or tunnels by means of shotcreting.
Creation of fake rocks for amusement parks.
Special injection technique used during repair, maintenance and renovation work.
MaçonnageRefractory bricklaying
Technique for construction and/or renovation of all types of brickwork. High precision work. Experienced refractory bricklayers.
Pièces préfabriquéesPrefabricated parts
Design and manufacture. Repair and refractory cladding of all types of parts in our workshops.
Baking according to a predefined temperature curve.
Customised design by our engineering and design department.
Margeage et réparations à chaud de fours de verrerieLuting and hot fixing of glass furnaces
Sealing of joints by spraying and/or pumping. Numerous references in the glass making sector.
De pisé de carbone à chaudRamming
Hot carbon ramming.
Installation of plastic mass and cold ramming mix.
Laying of ramming mix on electric furnace hearth using a vibration method.
Coulage Concrete pouring
Pouring of different types of concrete using mechanical mixers or concrete pumps.
Techniques for autopouring, vibrated pouring and using a trowel. Work carried out on-site or in our workshops.
Placement de fibres céramiques en nappes à plat ou en stack bondInsulation
Laying of ceramic fibres in flat layers or in a stack bond pattern.
Laying of prefabricated insulating blocks and panels.
Soudure et studageWelding and stud welding
Installation of anchors using arc welding or stud welding.
Protection anti-usureAbrasion-resistant protection
Protection of structures using abrasion-resistant concrete, ceramic, zac or basalt tiling or welded plates.
Protection anti-acideAcid-resistant protection
Construction of tanks or spill containment tanks.
Protection using polyester resin, vinylester and/or acid-resistant tiling.

Refractory engineering

Our engineering and design department’s experience and expertise means that we can offer you the most appropriate refractory solutions for your needs.
Based on the specific conditions under which your machinery operates, we will assess the best options available in terms of products and techniques.

As a favoured partner, you can rely on us to provide all assistance required to carry out your projects.
We can arrange for the supply of the various materials required from the best current manufacturers.

We have the following equipment at our disposal to do this:

  • Shotcrete guns
  • Concrete and mortar mixers
  • 400 to 1000kg capacity concrete pumps.
  • 2.5T to 28T forklifts.
  • Brick saws: Æ 250mm to 900mm
  • Electric and compressed-air core drills
  • Sand blasters
  • Electric and pneumatic vibrators and internal vibrators
  • Welding rigs
  • Jack-hammers
  • Rammers
  • Scaffolding
  • Baking equipment: bells (parts up to Æ 400cm or length 600cm), gas burners and programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Etc.

Malaxeur pompe
Pump mixer
Pompe à mortier
Mortar pump
Machine à projeter
Spraying machine
Scie jumbo 900
Jumbo 900 saw
Chariots élévateurs
from 2.5 to 28T
Plancher de haut fourneaux Ø12m
Upper floor
Ø 12m furnaces
Compresseurs de chantier
Etuve avec automate
Kiln with PLC